May 29, 2014 11:55 am

Why does bacon smell so good? (Mmmm, bacon)


WATCH ABOVE: Researchers break down the science behind what makes bacon smell so delicious

It’s crispy, salty and fat-laced. Fry it up in a pan in the morning and you’re lured by that irresistible scent that could bring a hungry man to his knees. Roses smell great, but we’re talking about bacon.

Science has hit some far-reaching frontiers in research, but this week, it’s answered breakfast lovers’ burning question: why does bacon smell so good?

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Researchers at the American Chemical Society and the bloggers at chemistry blog Compound Interest boiled down the science behind bacon’s tasty scent. (See Compound Interest’s bacon graphic here.)

In a new video, they’re applauding the 150 volatile organic compounds at play that make up bacon’s savoury fragrance.

In short, bacon hits the hot pan and as it sizzles, and the sugars and amino acids get “very excited,” as NPR describes it.

It’s also known as the Maillard reaction – the reason why steak, bread, cookies (and other foods that brown) taste and smell amazing.

Are you hungry yet? Watch the full video above.

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