Boston man reportedly breaking into students’ homes, tickling feet

A man has been breaking into the homes of Boston College students to watch them sleep or tickle their feet, according to reports. AP Photo

TORONTO – A man has been breaking into the homes of Boston College students to watch them sleep or tickle their feet, according to reports.

Police say at least 10 sightings of the so-called “Tickler” have been reported, including three on one night in April.

“This is no myth,” said Sergeant Michael O’Hara, community service officer for the Boston Police, in an interview with “It’s happening.”

A Boston College junior told the website he was jolted from his sleep in the middle of the night last October by the sound of someone running down the stairs of his home.

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“I thought my roommate had fallen down the steps but then he started yelling,” said Teddy Raddell. “I got up and he said that he had woken up to someone touching his feet.”

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No valuables were stolen.

The intruder is being described as black, 5’8″ and of unknown age. He wore dark clothing and a hoodie.

While the stranger appears to have no interest in stealing from his victims, some students allege they have seen the man also “perform a sex act” outside their windows.

O’Hara said students need to take extra precautions at night.

“You don’t know what this guy is going to do or if he has a weapon,” he said. “You need to lock your doors. It’s not as safe as you think.”

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