Lenovo responds after cancelling customer orders due to pricing error

WATCH: Computer manufacturer Lenovo is in damage control after offering a laptop at a rock bottom price, something the company said was an error. Robin Gill explains.

TORONTO – Lenovo Canada offered discounts to customers Tuesday after thousands were outraged when their orders were abruptly cancelled by the company over a “pricing error.”

During a “Door Buster” sale on its website last Friday, Lenovo Canada advertised its top of the line Y410P laptop on sale for just $279. Soon after customers began receiving emails from the company telling them their orders were cancelled.

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But, despite confirming the price error Friday afternoon, Lenovo’s website continued to advertise the laptop for $279 for many hours.

Most customers still have not received a refund for their purchase, despite having their orders cancelled.

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Lenovo Canada responded to Global News’ multiple requests for comment on the issue Tuesday afternoon. The statement reads in full:

“Between May 22 and May 23, 2014, a pricing error occurred on the Lenovo Canada website for select Lenovo laptops. The error mistakenly allowed a “doorbuster” e-coupon to be combined with an instant savings discount price.  As a result, prices and the automatically generated calculation of discount percentages and savings appeared in error.

Once the error was discovered, Lenovo took steps to correct it. The prices on the Lenovo Canada website now reflect the correct price and price reduction. However, before we were able to correct the error, customers placed orders at the incorrect prices. As stated on our website and in the terms and conditions which customers agree to when purchasing a Lenovo product, Lenovo–like other computer manufacturers–reserves the right to cancel any orders for products placed at an incorrect price due to an error in pricing. We have informed the affected customers of the pricing error and we are in the process of cancelling their orders and any charges that occurred. We deeply regret any inconvenience this error has caused.

As a gesture of goodwill, starting May 28th, we will be contacting customers whose orders were canceled with an offer of $100 off their next purchase of a Lenovo laptop PC. This $100 can be deducted from the total order amount regardless of any discounts already applied to that order through August 3, 2014.”

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After Global News tweeted news of the statement, Lenovo customers reacted with anger on Twitter specifically regarding the offer of a coupon.

Many customers said the offer was not good enough and felt the company should honour the sale price of the laptop.

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