City to close Midfield Mobile Home Park

CALGARY- Global News has learned the city is moving to close a mobile home park in northeast Calgary.

Letters began going out to residents at Midfield Mobile Home Park on Tuesday morning informing them the park will close on September 30, 2017.

Tenants who have signed a lease with Calgary Housing Company, Calhome Properties or The City of Calgary will have access to payments to help cover the costs of moving.

In the letter, residents are told counseling services will also be available, as well as services to assist residents find a new place to live.

“This was our plan,” complained Tim and Jelenea McAlinden. The newlyweds had just moved in to the park when they learned they’ll eventually be evicted. “It’s not in our control.”

Many residents were furious when they learned the news, but the area’s councillor called the city’s offer generous, adding the site is too expensive to maintain.

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“There is not a perfect solution. It’s falling apart and we cannot afford to fix water lines,” explained Gian Carlo-Carra. “This is a valuable piece of inner-city land.”

The city has also cancelled plans to build a new mobile park home at East Hills Estates. The project was once seen as a possible new location for Midfield residents.

The Midfield park currently consists of 183 mobile home sites, which has 173 homes.


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