EBay hackers gained access to 145 million user records

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TORONTO – EBay has revealed that hackers gained access to 145 million user records during a security breach three months ago.

In an interview with Reuters late Wednesday, eBay spokesperson Amanda Miller said that hackers copied “a large part” of the database containing customers’ encrypted passwords and other personal information.

The company maintains that financial data and credit card information is stored on a separate secure network that was not affected by the breach.

On Wednesday, eBay asked customers to change their passwords immediately in a statement confirming the data breach on its blog.

However, Miller told Reuters that the company does not believe that the attackers were able to break the code that scrambles the encrypted passwords. EBay has not yet confirmed exactly how many accounts may have been compromised.

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EBay reported 145 million active users at the end of the first quarter.

EBay, who owns electronic payment service PayPal, said there is no evidence of unauthorized access to PayPal accounts. PayPal data is stored on a separate secure network where all financial information is encrypted.

Customers are still being urged to change their passwords as soon as possible.

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