Péladeau wheelchair-bound for 3 months after bike crash

SHERBROOKE, Que. — The last few months have not gone the way Pierre Karl Péladeau had hoped.

In early April, the Parti Quebecois was defeated in the Quebec provincial election, and then on Sunday, Péladeau was the victim of a serious bike crash in Mont-Orford National Park in the Eastern Townships.

The 52-year-old former media mogul suffered nine bone fractures, including a broken pelvis, five cracked ribs and a minor traumatic brain injury.

READ MOREPéladeau hospitalized after bike accident in the Eastern Townships

Péladeau is currently hospitalized at the CHUS-Fleurimont Hospital in downtown Sherbrooke.

“He’s very lucky, the helmet helped him a lot,” said neurosurgeon Dr. Jocelyn Bergeron.

“We see with all the fractures he has, it was a significant impact, a significant trauma.”

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At a news conference Wednesday, doctors said Péladeau’s head injury could have been a lot worse.

“We expect a good functional recovery for all of these injuries, and no surgery is planned for him at this point,” said orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Bernard Larue.

Péladeau is expected to be discharged from hospital in a few days, and surgeons noted that the MNA for St-Jerome won’t be able to get around on crutches.

He’s expected to spend the next three months in a wheelchair.

Péladeau has told friends and Facebook followers he hopes to get back at work as soon as possible.

“I know he’s a fighter,” said his friend Luc Pellerin.

“He’ll be back sooner than we think, knowing him he’s going to be back.”

Péladeau is considered a front-runner to become the next leader of the Parti Quebecois.

At the time of the accident, Péladeau was reportedly riding at a good speed, approximately 40 kilometres an hour.

He told doctors that he lost control after hitting a “bump in the road” or a pothole.

Louis Barbeau from the Quebec Cycling Federation said that he hopes the crash will serve as a wake-up call to all bikers in the province.

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“Invest in a helmet, 85 per cent of head injuries could be prevented by wearing a helmet.”


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