15 compelling images of Canmore in the 2013 flood

CANMORE, CANADA - JUNE 20: Houses damaged along the edge of Cougar Creek are shown June 20, 2013 in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. Widespread flooding caused by torrential rains washed out bridges and roads prompting the evacuation of thousands. John Gibson/Getty Images
Residents watch the flooding Cougar Creek as it takes out Eagle Terrace Road (C) and nears the top of the Elk Run Blvd Bridge June 20, 2013 in Canmore, Alberta. John Gibson/Getty Images
CANMORE, CANADA - JUNE 21: Houses along Cougar Creek show extensive damage after heavy flooding. John Gibson/Getty Images
Much of Canmore, AB remains underwater as rain continues to fall. Jennifer Tyron/Global News
CANMORE, CANADA- JUNE 21: Mike Sommers carries his dog Kratos through the floodwater outside his apartment. John Gibson/Getty Images
Flooding in Canmore takes out a section of riverbank on Cougar Creek. Courtesy of Erin Mielzynski.
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Bystanders look over debris deposited by Cougar Creek as it flowed up and over the TransCanada Highway after it was closed June 20, 2013 in Canmore. John Gibson/Getty Images
A deck collapses into Cougar Creek in Canmore in June, 2013. Global News
CANMORE, CANADA- JUNE 21: A woman walks along the edge of Eagle Terrace Road which collapsed into the river, looks at the destruction along the Cougar Creek June 21, 2013. John Gibson/Getty Images
Residents watch flooding along Cougar Creek June 20, 2013 in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. John Gibson/Getty Images
CANMORE, CANADA - JUNE 21: A man operating an excavator works to shore up the flooding Cougar Creek on June 21, 2013. John Gibson/Getty Images
CANMORE, CANADA- JUNE 21: Equipment operators shore up the Elk Run Blvd. bridge and clear it from debris caused by flooding of the Cougar Creek, June 21, 2013 in Canmore. John Gibson/Getty Images
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Rubble alongside Highway 1A, connecting Canmore and Calgary, buried a dump truck and a car. Jennifer Tryon/Global News
Residents returning to scope out the damage, but police closed off many areas due to safety concerns. Jennifer Tryon/Global News
Flooding washes out Highway 1A near Canmore. Sarah Offin/Global News

ABOVE: 15 compelling images of Canmore in the 2013 floods.

A year after the devastating floods in southern Alberta, here’s a “by the numbers” look at the impact on Canmore:

1,200 – The number of people evacuated.

44 – The number of homes damaged or destroyed along Cougar Creek.

$6 million – Estimated damage to homes along Cougar Creek.

$8 million – Estimated damage to homes along Stone Creek.

30 –  The number of businesses damaged.

$4 million –  Estimated impact on businesses.

272 – The number of claims filed under the Disaster Recovery Program.

7 – The number of days the Trans-Canada Highway was shut down.

14  – The number of days a boil water advisory was in effect.

5,000 – The number of calls to Canmore Emergency Operations Centre.

$16 million – Initial damage estimate to town infrastructure.

$30 million – Estimated total damage to the town.



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