More documents released in Project Traveller investigation

Watch above: Neither Rob Ford nor his family has ever said where, raising doubts the story is true. Jennifer Tryon reports.

TORONTO- An Ontario court has released dozens of pages of documents detailing search warrants filed in the Project Traveller investigation targeting Toronto street gang the “Dixon Bloods” or “Dixon Goonies.”

Lawyers from multiple media organizations, Global News included, have been fighting for months to obtain information from the 40-plus warrant information released late Friday afternoon.

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The documents lay out evidence police case, dubbed Project Traveller, against the alleged street gang, which culminated in a series of pre-dawn raids last June, centred on a now-notorious Dixon Road apartment building in the city’s west end. Police arrested 43 people and seized close to $3 million in narcotics, $572,000 in cash and 40 firearms during the raid.

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Wiretapped conversations allegedly indicated involvement trafficking guns and drugs, the documents indicate. They also include one unnamed male’s emotional reaction to the shooting death of Anthony Smith on March 28.

Smith, Mohammed Khattak, who was injured in the shooting, and Monir Kasim appeared with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in a now-infamous photo taken, police say, outside a Windsor Drive house where a video of Ford smoking what appears to be crack is alleged to have been shot.

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Police were granted wiretaps on 59 people in Project Traveller. Several of those individuals and their mined conversations would later become pulled into a second investigation – Project Brazen 2, which began after reports on that alleged crack video were published in May, 2013.

Brazen examined the activities of Mayor Ford and his friend Sandro Lisi, who now faces extortion charges in relation to the video. The two men Lisi’s alleged to have threatened or menaced to get the video back last spring, Mohammed Siad and Liban Siyad, are both named in the Project Traveller raids.

The Brazen documents have outlined allegations that the mayor engaged in other drug-related and potentially criminal activities, from driving drunk (to the point where people were afraid to get in the car with him) to purchasing and consuming hard drugs from individuals named in the Project Traveller raids.

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Ford has had his erratic, foul-mouthed and apparently inebriated behaviour caught on video multiple times. His brother Doug Ford insists he is in rehab but  failed to deliver on his promise to prove as much Friday.

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