May 9, 2014 9:40 am

Doug Ford to provide proof today mayor is in rehab: report

Watch above: Neither Rob Ford nor his family has ever said where, raising doubts the story is true. Jennifer Tryon reports.

TORONTO – Doug Ford is finally ready to offer up some proof that his brother is in a rehab program for alcohol abuse.

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Councillor Ford told the Toronto Sun that sometime today, the family will provide evidence that Rob is actually seeking treatment and has not left the facility where he is staying.

Questions have been swirling about the mayor’s exact location following multiple alleged Ford sightings across the Toronto area the past week.

The mayor is on a leave of absence to seek help for a “problem with alcohol.”

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Meanwhile, the Sun also has in possession a new video of the mayor yelling profanities and speaking about the problems at home.

“I’m in f—ing divorce, I’m going to f—ing dog house, I’m going to hotel,” Ford said in the video appearing to show the mayor ordering drinks inside a bar which the newspaper says was shot on Weston Road on April 27.

The clip was allegedly recorded during the same three-day period in late April when an audio recording of Ford making offensive remarks was made in an Etobicoke bar and a second video shot of the mayor smoking what seems like crack-cocaine.

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The mayor has since gotten into hot water with staff at the treatment centre he’s in after making comments to the Sun newspaper this week about his “amazing” rehab experience and how he is continuing to field calls from his constituents.

WATCH: A video obtained by the Toronto Sun shows Mayor Rob Ford making profanity laced comments inside a bar. Warning: Viewer discretion as strong language used. 

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