Debate over proposed development still heated in Emerald Park

The plans for a proposed development in the community of Emerald Park are still being met with harsh opposition. Global News

There’s still a tense situation going on in the community of Emerald Park, a bedroom community inside the RM of Edenwold.

Developers have proposed a new sub-division of sorts that would see a two storey senior’s residence, and a four storey apartment building go up in the area.

But residents say high density living is not what they signed up for.

The RM of Edenwold and the developers held an open house Thursday night in hopes of providing more information and openly answering questions.

“I’m here with an open mind,” said local resident John Panter. “But, so far I’m not impressed.”

Panter, along with over 100 other residents who signed a petition against this development, say they were promised a “country living” experience in Emerald Park, but these new buildings will block their views and put a strain on the neighbourhood.

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“I think this one,” said Panter as he motioned to the plan for the proposed apartment building, “will accommodate 50 residents. That’s going to impose a lot of traffic, a lot of sewage capacity, fire and so forth. So, I’ve got reservations about it.”

But Councillors say they want residents to consider the whole story.

“We know we’ve got a growing community,” said Wayne Joyce, Division 4 Councilor for the RM of Edenwold. “We’ve got more employment here. Having places for people to live that work here is something we are looking for.”

He says the open house and a subsequent public meeting on the issue in two weeks will help everyone, including Councilors, make a better decision on the project.

“Part of the situation is obviously having these facilities in the right location in the right part of the community,” said Joyce.

There’s just over one month until council makes a final vote on whether or not to go ahead with the project.

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