Queen of Angels Academy to become co-ed bilingual elementary school

WATCH ABOVE: Queen of Angles Academy is shutting its doors this year and news that another school will be using the building is not reassuring Dorval residents. Rachel Lau reports.

DORVAL – Weeks before its expected closure, an email to board members of Queen of Angels revealed a plan to merge with College Sainte-Anne in Lachine.

The bilingual, co-ed elementary school would open its doors on the QAA campus next year, but this news didn’t come as a relief to Dorval residents.

“This is predicated, I understand, from the fact that Queen of Angels needs money,” said resident Claudio Riti.

“Now that they are merging, I don’t know if that situation has changed but it would be interesting if we do have recourse.”

The semi-private secondary school for girls in Dorval was forced to close its doors because of falling enrolment.

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The people who live on Tremont avenue, which backs the school, have spent the last few months fighting a condo development.

Dorval approved the request to rezone the land Monday.

WATCH: Dorval condo project gets green light

The project is expected to have about 200 condos, 40 townhouses and 6 to 8 single family homes.

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“What I find frustrating is that they don’t listen to the people,” said resident John Acs.

“I don’t understand why. They’re supposed to represent us but obviously they’re not. They’re representing the developer.”

Dorval mayor Edgar Rouleau insisted that, in spite of the school amalgamation, the project will go ahead.

“We’re very happy because we’re going to keep this as institutional,” he said.

“We’re going to keep the whole green space. That doesn’t change the fact that the zoning has passed.”

Neither school agreed to an interview but in a written statement to Global News, representatives from both wrote that there are still a lot of step to take before the merger is confirmed.

“Nobody’s really answered questions as to what’s going to happen,” said Riti.

“How’s it going to affect the environment? The traffic?”

With ground set to be broken any time now, Riti admits he’s going to spend the next few weeks enjoying the tranquility of his backyard while he still can.


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