How to choose a travel rewards card

CALGARY – A new survey by Rewards Canada rates the Capital One Aspire Mastercard as the best travel rewards card for Canadians.

Coming in second was the Cuets Platinum and the BMO World Elite.

All of the most popular cards were travel points credit cards with an annual fee over other rewards cards.

Travel points cards allow the user to redeem points for travel through their credit card company.

The top airline credit card is the CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite followed by the WestJet RBC Mastercard and the Capital One Delta Skymiles Mastercard.

These airline-only cards put miles directly onto a frequent flyer account.

Hybrid cards let users book travel through a credit card or put points onto a frequent flyer account.

Rewards Canada rates the cards based on how much they cost, the rate of return, how easy it is to redeem points, the partnerships and who accepts the cards and benefits.

They also survey consumers on the pros and cons of each card.

Patrick Sojka, CEO of Rewards, says it certainly pays to research your choice.

“I would have to say probably most don’t make the correct choices, they may just go with the first offer that their bank offers them or they’ll see some card offering a big sign up bonus but they don’t look and see what the benefits are,” says Sojka.

“They sign up for these cards blindly so they just have to do a little research just like they would with any big purchase.”

There are 70 different travel points, airline and hotel cards to choose from in Canada.

You can read all the ratings at


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