UPDATE: Shaw cuts 400 jobs nationwide

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Shaw submitted its application to the CRTC Aug. 12 to launch Global News 1, a news station that will be subscription-based. Shaw

CALGARY- Shaw Communications has announced it is cutting 400 positions across the country as part of a company-wide reorganization.

The layoffs, which the company says are designed to improve efficiency, will affect mainly management and non-customer service positions.

“The roles and structure we established years ago to support us as a cable company can no longer support our growth,” said Brad Shaw, CEO of Shaw Communications Inc. in a statement. “We are eliminating duplication of work and organizing our activities and operations in a way that best meets the needs of our customers and viewers.”

Company spokesman Chethan Lakshman said approximately 140 of the job losses are in Calgary, where the communications company is headquartered. The remainder are spread across the country.

Lakshman said some management roles are being consolidated, reporting lines are changing, and the company’s engineering and IT departments are being combined.

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To support the new structure, Shaw plans to hire more than 100 people and invest in new areas to help grow its business.

Once the changes take effect, the size of the company’s overall workforce will have been reduced by just over two per cent.

Shaw, the parent company of Global News, services 3.2 million customers, primarily in Western Canada, through its cable, satellite, internet, phone and media operations.

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