Flight MH370: Australian PM confident underwater signals are coming from missing plane

WATCH: Sarah Bajc is one of the family members of a Flight MH370 passenger who is waiting for closure. She shared her story with Paul Johnson.


  • Australian PM says searchers are confident signals are from MH370 black box
  • Police hold one-minute silence for the missing passengers
  • The search for Flight MH370 has now been over a month. The jetliner went missing on March 8th with 239 people on board, including two Canadians

Australia’s prime minister said Friday that authorities are confident several signals detected in a remote section of the Indian Ocean are coming from the flight data and cockpit voice recorders from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Tony Abbott told reporters in Shanghai, China, that search crews had significantly “narrowed down” the area they were hunting for the source of the sounds, first detected on Saturday.

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“We have very much narrowed down the search area… and we are very confident that the signals that we are detecting are from the black box on MH370,” said Abbott.

“Nevertheless, we’re getting into the stage where the signal from what we are very confident is the black box is starting to fade,” he added.

The plane’s black boxes, or flight data and cockpit voice recorders, have a battery life of about a month – and it has been more than a month since the plane disappeared.

“We are hoping to get as much information as we can before the signal finally expires.”

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Abbot is meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping later on Friday and said he would like to save any more details for the meeting as a sign of respect to China and its people, in particular to the 154 Chinese victims and their families.

Up to 15 planes and 13 ships would join Friday’s search.

Police hold one-minute silence for the passengers on board MH370

The Malaysian police force observed a minute of silence on Friday in remembrance of the passengers from the lost plane, who are now presumed dead.

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Addressing the media following a prayer for the victims, Khalid Abu Bakar, Inspector General of Royal Malaysian Police Force, said the investigation into the missing jetliner is ongoing and the priority is to find the black box and reveal what happened in the cockpit in the last minutes before the plane lost contact.

He said he did not want to reveal the details of the investigation development as it could “hamper the case later on.”
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