Safeway discontinues club card loyalty program

CALGARY- So long, club card.

Safeway is dropping its membership program, which means that starting on Friday shoppers won’t need a card to take advantage of store specials.

The move could prove challenging for competitors who still use loyalty cards, but it remains to be seen what long-term impact it will have.

“We’ve done an immense amount of research with our customers, asking them what’s really important to them and what they would like to see,” explains Betty Kelsey from Canada Safeway. “It’s always hard to predict the future of what other grocers might do.”

Shoppers Global News spoke with say they’re welcoming the change, as it means fewers cards to haul around.

Safeway will still run contests, but customers will qualify by swiping their Air Miles cards instead.

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WATCH: SFU marketing professor Dr. Lindsay Meredith has more on grocery store loyalty programs and what the end of the Safeway Club Card means to consumers.

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