BLOG: Morning News Rewind – April 2

Melissa tries out “Butterfly,” a robot at TinyEYE used to help deliver speech therapy in northern Saskatchewan.
Melissa tries out “Butterfly,” a robot at TinyEYE used to help deliver speech therapy in northern Saskatchewan. File / Global News

Gluten free eating, world autism day, robotic online speech therapy, SaskMusic and the FUZE conference were featured on the Morning News. Here’s what our team had to say about today’s segments.

Kevin learns what’s in store for SaskMusic from Derek Bachman

It’s funny to me how Saskatchewan has the reputation it does beyond its own borders. Manitoba ‘gets’ it, too. Boring. So boring. So bland, nothing to do. Yet how is that the gleaming marker of inspiration for so much amazing talent?

Saskatchewan dishes out more than its fair share to Canada’s arts culture, and all it took was a little unexpected inspiration.  We’re the province to keep an eye on.

Melissa is hands-on at TinyEYE as she learns more about their speech tools

Today I had a chance to learn more about TinyEYE Therapy Service and their new robot “Butterfly”. The robot has served as a new device introducing mobility into telepractice as a way of improving levels of engagement.

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TinyEYE has begun using this robot in delivering their speech therapy services in Canada. The mobile device has already made its way to schools in northern Saskatchewan allowing for a new approach in the way speech therapy is delivered.

I had a chance to try Butterfly out for myself and I thought it was a great way to personalize any therapy or lesson the students may have.

While the robot is still in its early stage, I think it will be interesting to see how else Butterfly can be utilized in our society.

In Ask a Health Pro, Jessica learns more about a gluten free cafe

My dad has a gluten intolerance and I have seen the amount of gluten free food on the market just blow up over the last decade. I’ve also seen the gluten free diet trend explode tremendously. My question is, should we follow this trend? And is a gluten free diet better for you?

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Well keep in mind, everything that says “gluten free” isn’t always “better” for you. The food may be processed and have the exact same amount of nutrition in it, just sans gluten. Dr. Dee Dee with Leyda’s Café notes if you are not sensitive or intolerant to gluten, the diet may not be for everyone; she just encourages everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle, whether that be eating whole grain bread, gluten free or vegan.

Take a look at the interview and see if this diet is right for you!

Kevin gets the facts about autism from Shannon Hill

The facts alone are staggering. Watch the interview to find out what I mean.

This is a widespread, underserved element in our province, which deserve more attention than it’s gotten. I hope a future comes with a significant changeup.

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Jessica hears what marketing and communications professionals will do at the FUZE conference

I attended the first FUZE conference last year, and for people in the communications industry or wanting to learn about the industry, it was very interesting.

Last year, the big focus was on social media, and being the news person I am and who utilizes Twitter every day to promo stories and in-studio guests, I learned a thing or two about optimization and the science of social media.

This year I can see it being no different.

Jessica and Kevin preview Tuesday’s Morning News