Montreal councillors speak out against Transports Quebec

MONTREAL – Russell Copeman and Aref Salem are going on the offensive against Transports Quebec for not getting enough advance warnings about the closing of two major off-ramps from A15 North toward A720 East and West.

The Montreal executive committee members say Transports Quebec only gave them one week’s notice about the planned shut-downs of the off-ramps that lead to downtown Montreal and the West Island.

“It’s high time that we be associated with these decisions, and not always learn – well in some cases – learn about them via press releases with a week’s notice. That’s unacceptable,” Copeman said outside city council chambers Tuesday morning.

Copeman complains 21,000 people who use the off-ramps will now be detoured to the intersections of Cote-St-Luc Road and Decarie Boulevard which he describes as “ludicrous.”

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Copeman wants the city to have more input in the decisions made by Transports Quebec.

Copeman said he has reassurances from Transports Quebec that police officers will be placed at the Cote-St-Luc and Decarie intersection to direct traffic.

But that’s not enough.

Copeman wants to know why Transports Quebec is not making an effort to put up electronic signs immediately after the Champlain Bridge northbound to encourage people heading toward downtown to use the Bonaventure Expressway rather than wait and force drivers to take a five-kilometre detour.

Traffic in lower NDG could quickly become very chaotic this spring and summer with major road projects coming down the pipe.

The borough plans to close part of Sherbrooke Street next week to replace aging sewer lines.

And the St-Jacques Street overpass above the Decarie expressway is slated to be demolished this June.

Transports Quebec hasn’t returned the calls from Global News for comment.

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