Ken Hughes considers running for Alberta PC leadership

CALGARY – Less than 24 hours after interim leader Dave Hancock was sworn in as Alberta’s new premier, a high-profile member of cabinet has come forward to declare his interest in the job.

Municipal Affairs Minister Ken Hughes announced on Monday that he is contemplating running for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative party.

He says he has launched a website to gauge public support before officially throwing his hat in the ring.

“Over the next few weeks, I want to hear from Albertans to find out if Albertans think I am the right person to lead the Alberta Progressive Conservative party to a stronger and more united future,” said Hughes.

“I need to know that what Albertans are looking for is what I have,” he added. “It’s quite possible that that’s not the case.”

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PC party officials in Alberta are meeting in Red Deer on Monday to discuss details for the leadership race.

Ken Hughes was elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for Calgary-West in April, 2012. He was named Minister of Municipal Affairs in December of 2013.

He is inviting all Albertans to provide feedback through email, his website and social media:



twitter : @kenhughesAB


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