Fire destroys several homes in Devon

EDMONTON – A number of homes in Devon were either damaged or destroyed by fire Thursday morning.

Fire officials says three homes were destroyed, two of which were levelled by the blaze. Another home is partially standing, but the roof has been burned out.

There are no reports of injuries.

“Before they got here, the top of our house, where the bedroom is, was starting to burn,” said Suzanne Cole. “By the time they got water on it,” she explained, her voice breaking, “it was pretty… far gone.”

Residents of Devon tell Global News a fire – that is believed to have started at one home – spread to at least two others.

“Family is safe and sound,” said Ivan Laing, whose rental home was affected. “That’s the only thing running through my mind: what it could have been. Well, this is a heck of a lot better than what it could have been.”

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Laing said he thinks the fire started in his garage.

Neighbours said they heard a number of explosions, which fire crews believe may have been propane and vehicle tires exploded.

Some residents expressed concerns about the time it took for fire crews to arrive on scene.  However, officials say they were on scene within minutes of the call.

Courtesy: Andrew Boitchenko
Courtesy: Andrew Boitchenko
Courtesy: Andrew Boitchenko
Courtesy: Andrew Boitchenko
Courtesy: Andrew Boitchenko
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Courtesy: Andrew Rizko
Courtesy: Andrew Boitchenko

Damage has been estimated to be $2 million.

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