Do latest Rob Ford ‘crack video’ documents change anything?

Watch: Denzil Minnan-Wong called the latest revelations a confirmation that Rob Ford has no moral authority to run the city

TORONTO – The latest batch of police documents describing the infamous “crack video” and suggesting Mayor Rob Ford’s meetings with Sandro Lisi indicate drug trafficking have been called a “smoking pipe” and further evidence of his dishonesty – but appear unlikely to change anything at city hall.

“It appears that we finally have information and the smoking pipe has been found,” Minnan-Wong told reporters Wednesday.

But he wasn’t sure the documents would change anything.

“Quite frankly, I think the mayor’s credibility, I don’t think this moves it any lower than it already has been.”
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And the documents won’t change anything; Ford is still the mayor, he still lacks the powers stripped of him after heavily redacted documents were originally released in November and he has not been charged with any crime.

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None of the statements made in the documents has been proven in court.

Watch: Adam Vaughan explains how he feels about Mayor Rob Ford’s tenure at city hall.

“He just lies,” Councillor Adam Vaughan, a long-time opponent of the mayor, said at city hall. “So the real question is not ‘Have you stopped drinking, have you stopped smoking crack, have you changed your ways, are you working out?’ it’s, ‘Are you ever going to stop lying?’”

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Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly said Ford owes the city a “more fulsome” explanation than he’s given.

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The mayor ignored questions about the new allegations when asked Wednesday.

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Ford has been loath to talk about the allegations from the documents, and his sporadic statements have often prompted more questions than answers. In November he admitted to smoking crack cocaine after months of denial; then, several days later, threatened to sue former staffers over allegations in their police interviews and denied sexually harassing a former female staffer.

Ford’s campaign rival Olivia Chow issued a statement shortly after the documents were released Wednesday morning saying they “again show why he’s no role model for our children.”

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And John Tory’s campaign said in a statement, “this ongoing saga is distracting our city, and creating a stalemate at city hall.  The mayor no longer has the ability to get things done.”

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