Eco-conscious Laura Siegel works with Kenyan crafters in latest collection

WATCH ABOVE: Laura Siegel Fall 2014

Laura Siegel’s focus on eco-friendly and ethically handcrafted fashion continues with her fall 2014 collection. The designer works with artisans and artist communities around the world and in this collection she worked with Kenyan makers, who crafted jewellery for the collection.

“People are shopping with more thought,” says Siegel in her video before her presentation, mentioning how she uses her art to continue investing in women.

The collection focused on Siegel’s skills in natural dyeing, knitting and embroidery. The clothes were hand-painted and tie-dyed in moody greens and browns. There were oversized knitted sweaters and silky pants, all topped with long, cozy hand-knitted scarves and black, wide-brimmed hats.

The greens and browns were lightened with cream in the drapey tops and scarves.

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One outfit evoked a spaghetti western sensibility with a knitted poncho, skinny pants, and long knitted scarf, all held together with a skinny belt and attitude.