2 Vancouver heritage homes slated for demolition moved to a new location

They are known as ‘The Dorothies’, and are two Tudor-style homes dating back to 1931.

The duo, originally located on West 43rd Avenue, were slated for demolition but thanks to an online petition and a group of businessmen willing to pay for the move, they were saved. Nickel Bros. House Moving provided their services to move the homes.

Their name ‘The Dorothies’ comes from the fact that two women named Dorothy lived in them – Dorothy MacMillan and Dorothy Smith.

The homes were bought by two families with the intention of demolishing them and rebuilding new homes on those plots, but it was discovered they were classified as ‘Heritage B’, meaning they had “individual heritage importance.”

Public outcry about their demolition helped save the homes, which will now ‘live’ on West 41st Avenue and will be the focus point of a new townhouse development by Trasolini Chetner.

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“At this point we’re not 100 per cent sure what the city is going to allow us to do,” said Paul Trasolini from Trasolini Chetner. “It’s still, we’re still in the works, but we’re at least going to have two houses on that site, and hopefully a few more units on the site as well.”

He said if possible, they would like to have more heritage homes on that site, but are still working out the details with the City of Vancouver.

WATCH: The move drew quite a crowd on Monday morning: