WATCH: Diver fights off shark after close encounter in Caribbean

TORONTO – It’s been said that sharks rarely attack humans but, before heading to a tropical destination for a little scuba diving, you should probably take notes from a guy who found himself fighting off a shark.

Jason Dimitri was lionfish culling of the coast of the Cayman Islands last week when a reef shark came at him with its jaws open.

“We were in about 70 feet of water when it came out of nowhere,”  Dimitri wrote on his YouTube page. “It scared the crap out of me.”

Captured on a GoPro camera, the diver can be seen using a culling spear to nab a lionfish, when the shark first came at him.

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Dimitri used the spear to protect himself from the shark, which charged at him several times as the diver tried to surface.

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Despite the close encounter, Dimitri said he will continue his work in the Caribbean.

“The shark was acting in his natural environment, I have no ill will towards him.”

The diver said lionfish culling helps protect the reef from the invasive destruction caused by the fish.

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