PQ leader envisions sovereign Quebec keeping the dollar, having seat at Bank of Canada

QUEBEC CITY – Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois is becoming increasingly precise in outlining her vision for a sovereign Quebec.

On Day 8 of the campaign, Marois told reporters that an independent Quebec would keep the Canadian dollar and take part in Canada’s monetary policy by obtaining a seat at the Bank of Canada.

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Marois said she has been inspired by the European Union.

“If you look at the European Union, each country has its own policy, but they accept to share their borders, their money,” she said.

“They have the euro, so that’s a model which is very interesting, but in the EU each country has its independence.”

Marois hopes to win a majority government on April 7, and publish a white paper on the future of Quebec early in her second mandate.

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“We will have the time to discuss with the population, to do a consultation,” she said.

“If we want a referendum we will take the decision, and if we don’t want one, we will take the decision.”

Ideally for Marois, Quebecers would conclude the province needs more powers from Ottawa, in sectors like culture and immigration, paving the way for a third referendum.

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Marois can now count on media tycoon and political star Pierre Karl Peladeau to help stir up the masses.

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Marois later brought her message to Laval University, where supporters said they would rather take it slow.

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“Not in the next mandate — we have to prepare a referendum, we have to build Quebec and ask before if people are willing to go in a referendum,” said Marc-André Rivard.

Fellow student Patrick Martineau added: “I think we should wait, the Parti Québécois should wait for the best time.”

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In any case, Marois asked students to get involved and help her build a country: a Quebec with no borders or tolls but unique citizenship and a separate passport.

Marois continues her tour of the Quebec City area where the PQ holds just one seat.

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