Canada in Afghanistan: was it worth it?

Canada in Afghanistan: was it worth it?
Former Cpl. John Lowe rests during an operation in Panjwaii, Afghanistan, on March 23, 2010. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Murray Brewster

The Canadian army has hauled down the flag in Afghanistan.

An understated ceremony, held under sunny skies and heavy guard, at NATO headquarters in Kabul brought to an end just over a dozen years of military involvement in the war-wasted nation.

Dignitaries – Canadian and allied alike – praised the country’s involvement and sacrifices.

“Your strength has protected the weak; your bravery has brought hope to hopeless; and the helping hand you have extended to the Afghan people has given them faith that a better future is within their grasp,” Deborah Lyons, the Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan told an assembly of the last 100 soldiers who served on a three year training mission.

The war cost the lives of 158 soldiers, one diplomat, one journalist and two civilian contractors.

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