Apple brings iPhone trade-in program to Canada

Apple brings iPhone trade-in program to Canada
If you’re browsing through the Apple Store app on Tuesday you may notice something new. Canadian iPhone users will now be able to trade in old phones under Apple’s recycling program. AP Photo/Nati Harnik

TORONTO – Starting this week, iPhone users in Canada will be able to trade in old phones under Apple’s in-store recycling program.

As of Monday, Canadian consumers can trade in old handsets at an Apple store and receive a gift card up to $275 (depending on the condition of the old iPhone) toward a new model.

The in-store trade-in program expands on Apple’s online recycling program which has been operating for the past three years.

Under the original recycling program, consumers could turn in old products so they would be recycled in an environmentally-friendly way. The new service allows customers to bring their phone in to a store, get an on-the-spot evaluation of its value, and receive store credit.

Old phones that can’t be reused will be recycled.

According to the company, recycled Apple devices are taken apart and components that can be used again are removed. Materials like glass, metal and plastic are reprocessed for use in new products.

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Apple first launched its iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program in the United States last August with the goal of reducing consumer electronic waste. It has since expanded to include the United Kingdom and France.

Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry also offers a trade-in program where consumers can mail back used devices and receive a credit toward the purchase of a new BlackBerry phone.

The Waterloo-based company said that mobile devices still in good condition are then refurbished and any devices not suitable for resale are recycled.

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