Little Warriors seeks to build Be Brave ranch

Little Warriors seeks to build Be Brave ranch - image

CALGARY – The organization Little Warriors wants all Canadians to face the alarming facts of child sexual abuse.

Survivors and volunteers are in Calgary to help launch a new prevention and awareness campaign called “˜Make It Stop’.

One in three girls and one in six boys are sexually abused and in most cases, by someone they know.

The prevention program is aimed at teaching adults how to recognize the signs and prevent children from becoming victims.

“I want to see sex offenders go to jail for appropriate times. I want to see resources for survivors of child sexual abuse and I want to see a leading edge facility, like the Be Brave ranch, because it really is the least we can do for them,” says Glori Meldrum, Little Warriors.

“They never did anything wrong.”

Little Warriors is working towards building a Be Brave ranch which would be the first healing facility in Canada specifically for survivors of child sexual abuse.

Little Warriors is a not-for-profit organization geared to educating adults on the prevention of child sexual abuse.


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