Rob Ford lashes out at Toronto media on radio talk show

Listen: Rob Ford slams Toronto media on NewsTalk 1010 show The Late Shift with Joe Warmington

TORONTO – Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he can’t figure out why the Toronto media follows him around everywhere and asks questions about his personal life.

“I still can't figure it out,” said Ford during a radio interview on NewsTalk 1010 with Joe Warmington Tuesday night.

“I’m saving taxpayers’ money and the average folk out there, the blue collar worker likes me and our polls are telling us that.”

Ford’s comments about the Toronto media came just hours after he ducked questions about drug use at a press conference.

“You know what Joe, it's embarrassing,” Ford said. “They followed us down to Chicago, even the American media that I did an interview with this morning, they’re saying like, ‘Are you serious?’”
WATCH: Rob Ford ducks questions about drug use. Jackson Proskow reports. 

Ford appeared on the Today Show with Matt Lauer Tuesday morning where he denied using illegal drugs since his first interview with the NBC host on Nov. 18, 2013.

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He also admitted to having a few drinks but “not to the point of some of the episodes before.”

“If you want to talk about my personal life, that’s fine. But you know what, I’ve made mistakes in the past, I’m moving on and they’re just adamant about this interview I did this morning with Matt,” said Ford.

Ford did one-on-one interviews on NBC’s Today Show and ABC’s Good Morning America last fall after admitting to having smoked crack cocaine.

Toronto city council voted to strip the mayor of most of his powers soon after.

WATCH: Rob Ford appears on NBC’s Today Show and admits he still drinks but doesn’t have a problem Credit: NBC/Today Show

During the radio interview, Ford was asked by Warmington about his contentious relationship with the mass media.

“They obviously have a bias towards me. I think that’s obvious to everybody. They want to talk about my personal life.”

It is expected a large media contingent will be surrounding Ford as he attends the Big City Mayors’ Caucus in Ottawa later today.

Ford, who plans to push for more transit and community housing funding, is attending the meeting for the first time since being elected mayor in 2010.