Vancouver city council votes to extend patio hours

. Global News

On Wednesday, Vancouver city council voted to support extended patio hours for the city as part of a new pilot program for April through October.

This will allow dining establishments to apply for operating hours to be extended later into the evening for large patios.

“People in Vancouver have made it clear that they want to be able to enjoy later patio opportunities in neighbourhoods throughout the city, and I am glad that council has responded with such strong support for these changes,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “Simple things like expanded patio hours, new food trucks, parklets, Viva Vancouver programs, and new tasting lounges are all part of our efforts to make Vancouver an even more fun, vibrant, and cosmopolitan city to live in or visit.”

Under the pilot program, businesses with no complaints in the previous 12 months will now be able to keep patios open an hour later, to midnight, from April to October.

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The City of Vancouver currently has permits issued for 277 small patios and 316 large patios. The city did not receive any complaints from the extended patio hours last year.