NDP youth wing creates a Facebook video – for Harper

WATCH: NDP youth wing’s creative Facebook spoof look back video on Stephen Harper’s government over the last 8 years

OTTAWA – Stephen Harper will probably “unlike” it.

The Young New Democrats have created a Facebook “look back” for the prime minister, a spoof on the social media site’s recent 10-year personalized anniversary videos.

It even cribs the evocative piano music.

Afghan detainees, Bev Oda’s $16 orange juice and Harper’s statement thanking former chief of staff Nigel Wright for his “tremendous contribution” to the government – prior to the revelation Wright had paid back $90,000 of Senator Mike Duffy’s expenses –  are all featured in the highlight reel.

The youth wing of the NDP, which includes members aged 25 and younger, call the memories of Harper’s eight years in power his most “unliked posts.”

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And of course, it ends with a thumbs down.