The price of same-city military moves for generals

WATCH: Documents obtained by Global News indicate the government is paying generous amounts for retired Canadian generals to move, with some claiming tens of thousands of dollars to move just a few blocks away. Jacques Bourbeau reports.

All members of the military are entitled to one last move at the government’s expense after they retire. The policy is meant to ensure members can choose where they want to live in their retirement after being at the whim of National Defence for decades. All costs associated with the move are covered by the public purse.

But news that some generals have been using the perk to switch neighbourhoods or move just outside the city limits has the federal government reviewing the policy.

Here is a list of the 21 generals, many of whom are retired, who moved within the same city over the past five years and charged it to the taxpayer.

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Same city moves

  1. LGen Leslie (Ottawa to Ottawa) $72,225.86
  2. MGen Day (Ottawa to Ottawa) $59,627.82
  3. RAdm Greenwood (Victoria to Victoria) $43,328.24
  4. BGen Rochette (Ottawa to Ottawa) $40,012.75
  5. LGen Lucas (Ottawa to Ottawa) $38,970.68
  6. BGen Bigelow (Comox to Comox) $35,783.57
  7. BGen Ward (Ottawa to Ottawa) $25,928.41
  8. BGen Corbould (St. Albert to St. Albert) $25,506.47
  9. BGen Cloutier (Ottawa to Ottawa) $24,608.46
  10. BGen King (Ottawa to Ottawa) $20,272.66
  11. BGen Labbe (Kingston to Kingston) $10,696.19
  12. LGen Arp (Kingston to Kingston) $6,805.39
  13. MGen Hines (St. Catherines to St. Catherines) $468.60

Near city moves

  1. BGen Mclean (Ottawa to Greely) $35,164.34
  2. BGen Bourque (Ottawa to Perth) $29,936.99
  3. BGen Johnstone (Ottawa to Arnprior) $28,637.93
  4. MGen Benjamin (Ottawa to Cantley) $25,505.87
  5. MGen Gosselin (Kingston to Lombardy) $21,129.98
  6. VAdm Jarvis (Ottawa to Ashton) $20,204.77
  7. MGen Blanchette (Ottawa to Val-Des-Monts) $17,450.33
  8. BGen Chekan (Ottawa to Carp) $468.60

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