Travelling in style – Tips to keeping your makeup looking fresh after a flight

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I love to travel. I love exploring new places or heading back to some of my favourite cities. What I don’t like is what travelling does to my skin. The instant dryness I feel on my forehead, the blemishes that seem to come from nowhere, and that my makeup never seems to look as good as when I put it on in the morning. I always envy Hollywood celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson who get off a plane looking refreshed and flawless. Is it even possible? Enter Stephanie Daga from BlushPretty: Makeup + Hair Artistry, who dishes up tips for staying fresh and hydrated and shares the must have travel essentials.

What are the secrets to keeping your look fresh after a day of travelling?  

Most women go wrong by starting their day off with too much make-up, according to Daga. There is no need to travel with a full face of makeup. When you are flying at a high altitude combined with the recirculated oxygen, a full-on face of makeup can end up looking dry, and or aged upon arrival. When travelling, start the day off by hydrating and nourishing your skin, says Daga. Cleanse, and moisturize your complexion to prime it for the flight ahead. For makeup application Daga says to keep it to a minimum.  Wear some concealer, mascara, fill in your brows a bit, and add a touch of lip-gloss or balm and you are ready to go.

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Regarding the dreaded post flight dry skin, other than moisturizing, Daga recommends avoiding salty snacks and coffee and soda. Drink plenty of water before, during and after travelling.

Are there any must own products?  

If you travel regularly, here are a few products you should have in your carry-on. Start with a hydrating lip balm to soften and soothe chapped lips, says Daga. Second an eye cream to relieve puffiness as well as refresh the eye area after a mid-flight snooze. Third, Daga suggests a thermal water spray to freshen up and mist over the skin throughout your flight.  A hydrating concealer to touch-up your make-up before you land is an important tool says Daga. And lastly, a multi-purpose cream colour product to brighten up the lips and cheeks if you plan to go straight from the airport to an important appointment or event.

Looking for some other essential travel items? In Daga’s travel bag you will find Consonant Body Organic hand cream, a must-have to keep your hands soft and smooth. Also in her bag is Pure and Simple’s face oil, which you use all over your face both in the morning and at night. It keeps your skin moisturized and you can apply under your eyes to look refreshed and awake.

How important are the right creams and foundations to achieving a flawless look?

According to Daga, the right creams and foundations are crucial to a flawless look. It’s very important to make the right choices. The right creams will help prep and prime the skin as well as help correct specific skin issues. The correct foundation should match your skin tone, enhance your skin’s best qualities, and hide your complexion’s imperfections. You will exit the plane looking fresh and awake!


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