Calgarian to join elite ‘Peak and Pond’ group

An adventurous Calgarian is about to embark on his biggest undertaking yet — Bill Borger is preparing to climb Mount Everest.

If he’s successful, he will be the first Canadian to scale the world’s highest peak and swim the English Channel — a feat he calls the "Peak and Pond Quest’, which has only been accomplished by four other men in the world.

Borger conquered the ‘pond’ portion when he swam the English Channel in 2000. Today, he is in Khatmandu, Napal, ready to face the ‘Peak’. Weather permitting, he could reach the summit of Everest by mid-May or early June.

Climbing the world’s tallest mountain has been a long-time goal for the 36-year-old accountant.

"For me, it’s just the fun of the adventure. I have a lot of fun going out there being the best I can, be in a particular sport. I’m not a naturally gifted athlete, but I’m really good at sports that require brute stupidity," says Borger.

"So that’s where I excel and that’s what I gravitate towards"

Fourteen years ago, Borger’s wife Liz talked him out of climbing Everest, but now she and their two children say they are behind him.

"This has been at the forefront of his mind for a very long time and we are very supportive," says Liz Borger.

"We’re cheering him on all the way. We’re his biggest fans"

The climb will do more than just feed Borger’s passion for adventure; he’s also raising money for a good cause. He’s asking his supporters for donations and 100% of that money will go to Calgary Handibus.

"I actually feel blessed that I’m able to help these people," says Borger.

"I know a number of people who ride the Handibus and just being able to help them is huge."

Reny De Jong uses the city’s Handibus and thinks that Borger’s quest will make a significant difference in many people’s lives.

"I think he’s just amazing. I mean, because of what he’s doing, we’re going to end up with a lot more buses," says Reny De Jong.

And she’s right — more than $360,000 has already been pledged – enough cash to buy four new full-sized buses.

Bill Borger’s progress can be found at


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