White House will have to answer petition’s call for Justin Bieber deportation

WASHINGTON – It looks like another major political hot potato has just landed on U.S. President Barack Obama’s desk: what to do about Justin Bieber.

That’s because a petition on the White House website about the controversy-prone Canadian pop star has just crossed the crucial threshold of 100,000 signatures.

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Once it reaches that total, the White House is compelled to offer a reply.

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The petition topic is: “Deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card.”

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It was posted last week after Bieber’s arrest in Miami Beach following a drag-racing incident, which came on the heels of a police raid on his house where one of Bieber’s friends was arrested for cocaine possession.

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The number of signatures zoomed to more than 101,000 early today.

The White House instituted its 100,000-signature requirement after its website was flooded with spoof petitions – including one demanding that America build an “$850,000,000,000,000,000, Star Wars-style Death Star.”

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The White House had to produce a tongue-in-cheek suggestion to that one. It informed people that a Death Star was not fiscally feasible in a time of budgetary constraints.

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