Cool new phone and tablet chargers get comfy

Morning folks, today I talked and showed some cool  powerful enough for tablets and several smartphones at the same time.

The most impressive is the Power Pillow from a small Canadian start-up, inventor Geoff Martin and partner Lisa Sutt. The duo and Geoff’s brother had other ideas in mind, including one for a dishwasher but when a phone call was interrupted by a run-out cell battery, Geoff’s “Eureka” moment led to the Power Pillow.

The quality Power-Pillow has two side zipped poches for storing one or two 12000 mAh batteries
The quality Power-Pillow has two side zipped poches for storing one or two 12000 mAh batteries.

It’s basically a quality made pillow with two side slots for carrying one or two 12,000mAh chargeable batteries. Its idea is to keep your phones and tablets charged up while relaxing at home or even travel.

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The Power Pillow is available on the pair’s Kickstarter site which is in Canadian prices. which has surpassed its $30,000 goal and will be shipping this spring.

It’s important to note this is not just a pillow with two pockets on the side. The zippered and accessory pockets are constructed of EX-Static™ conductive fabric – woven with BASF® Resistat™ (carbon nanotube) thread – which provides EMF shielding and static dissipation. They are roomy enough to fit even large capacity batteries.

Each quality 12,000mAh battery can easily charge any tablet or iPad with room to spare for a phone or two. I was able to charge up to two medium size smartphones and two huge Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphones.

You can order the two-battery option, for $132 or the single battery for $79 including free shipping. Considering the cost of quality large capacity external batteries is more than $50, you are basically paying a little more for a nice pillow with smart design and purpose.

I initially though the Power Pillow idea a bit of an overkill, but once I started using it, I found it handy, much neater than charge cords from nearby outlets.

Who says analog creature comforts and hi-tech can’t co-exist?

Two other charges I have recently saw at CES 2014 are the newest Ventev 6,000 mAh powercell 6000+ $74.99 USD with built-in outlet plug with two 1A and 2.1 A simultaneous charging and the utility charger 2100 $39.99 which has it all for charging from a car or an outlet in a small compact package.[SM1]
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Ventev’s Scott Franklin shows the new 6000 mAh powercell 6000+ plugable charger, left and the tiny powerdash r900 car charger with built-in 900 mAh battery. Steve Makris

You may not find these smartly designed chargers, especially the newer models in Canadian stores so check with Amazon online. Also, in case you missed my previous showing, the awesome Ventev powerdash r900 charger $39.99 with built-in 900 mAh battery for those useful three extra hours of talk.

Ventev utility charger 2100 has everying but the kitchen sink. supplied


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