Dog recovering in central Alberta after reportedly being shot

EDMONTON – An Alberta dog, who’s thought to have been a rural stray, is on the mend following a traumatic incident.

“It’s believed she was shot in her front right leg,” said Dr. Patty Tulloch, of the Westlock Veterinary Center.

“Obviously, she probably didn’t have a home so she was running free, but for someone to just see an innocent animal and just shoot at them is kind of shocking to you,” she added.

The dog’s injured leg had to be amputated; and an X-ray shows there’s still a bullet lodged inside her.

She was taken in by a small animal rescue society in the province before being handed over to theĀ Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS), which brought her to the clinic in Westlock.

It’s expected that’s where she’ll stay for the next couple weeks as she continues her recovery.

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“She’s a great addition to the clinic, everyone loves her,” Tulloch said. “Great attitude, great personality, she’s just lovable.”

Lorraine Spreadbury with SCARS will foster the quiet-tempered, salt-and-pepper-coloured canine, who’s believed to be about two years old. Spreadbury has named her ‘Sochi’ in honour of the upcoming Olympics.

“I really felt this journey that she’s on is her Olympics. And there’s no gold medal at the end but it’s going to take a team to get her to health again,” Spreadbury explained. “And just like our athletes need coaching and help and funding, so does she.”

Sochi with veterinarian Dr. Patty Tulloch and Lorraine Spreadbury from SCARS.
Sochi with veterinarian Dr. Patty Tulloch and Lorraine Spreadbury from SCARS. Vinesh Pratap, Global News
Sochi at the Westlock Veterinary Center
Sochi at the Westlock Veterinary Center Vinesh Pratap, Global News

Once Sochi’s all healed up, she’ll stay at a foster home for a while and then put up for adoption through SCARS, which is also paying for her treatment.

Unfortunately, because she was a rural stray before being rescued, there’s little chance of finding out who caused her injury in the first place.

With files from Vinesh Pratap, Global News