No second takes in Vancouver General Hospital reality show

A new show about life at Vancouver General Hospital promises to be more real than most reality TV.

“We’re showing something bare and unvarnished, because it’s the emergency room,” says Kevin Eastwood, Director of “Emergency Room: Life+Death at VGH”. “You have no opportunity to do a second take.”

The show begins airing on January 21 on the Knowledge Network, and is a six-part documentary with an unprecedented look in the hospital’s emergency room. The producers say the amount of time negotiating how and what they were allowed to film took time, but will be worth it.

“We’re often dealing with resource issues, bed problems, not enough space or money to prepare care for everybody the way we’d like to,” says Dr. Shahin Shirzhad, an emergency room physician. “I think it’s been good at giving a very realistic picture of what we experience.”

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You can learn more about the TV series on their interactive website at