Robert Latimer timeline

A timeline of Robert Latimer’s journey through the court system:

“¢ Oct. 21, 1993: Latimer kills his 12-year-old daughter, Tracy, at the family farm in Wilkie, Sask.

“¢ Nov. 16, 1994: He is convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison with no eligibility for parole for 10 years.

“¢ July 18, 1995: Loses first appeal in Saskatchewan court.

“¢ Oct. 25, 1995: Information appears that the RCMP might have interfered with potential jurors, on Crown orders, by asking them about their beliefs on religion, abortion and mercy killing.

“¢ Feb. 6, 1997: Supreme Court orders a new trial.

“¢ Nov. 5, 1997: Latimer found guilty of second-degree murder.

“¢ Dec. 1, 1997: A Saskatchewan court judge exempts Latimer from the minimum sentence, instead imposing one year in jail and one served in the community.

“¢ Nov. 23, 1998: The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal sets aside the exemption and reinstates a mandatory life sentence.

“¢ February 1999: Latimer appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada.

“¢ Jan. 18, 2001: The Supreme Court upholds Latimer’s life sentence, with no chance of parole for 10 years. Latimer reports to prison.

“¢ Dec. 5, 2007: A National Parole Board panel denies Latimer’s bid for day parole.

“¢ Feb. 27, 2008: The parole board’s appeals division reverses previous decision, ordering him released on day parole.

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