Concerns raised about costly problem with popular air freshener

CALGARY- Drivers across the continent are complaining about a dirty problem with a popular air freshener.

Jim Shalala used to use Febreze clips all the time, but stopped after he claims one of them leaked, peeling the vinyl on his dashboard and short circuiting a display screen.

“I immediately went to the dealer and as far as we can see there’s no other cause other than the fact that that air freshener unit would have leaked, and the chemicals would have peeled the paint on the dash and went behind the unit and shorted out the unit,” Shalala explains. “To repair that, it’s $771 it’s an expensive hit.”

He ended up sending the damage claim to Proctor and Gamble, after finding dozens of similar complaints online.

“I have two pages of printed material with numerous people that have encountered the same problem that I have, with damage to their dash from a leaking unit such as that.”

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The company rejected his claim, since Shalala had thrown the vent clip out when it emptied. However, they have offered $200, saying they take all customer feedback seriously.

In a written statement, the company added:

“Leaks are not normal for the Febreze Car Vent Clip when used as directed.”

Shalala says he’s now focused on getting the word out about the clips.

“My intention now is to try to warn other people, to prevent them from encountering the same problems that I had.”