Watch: B.C. wine sells for over $900 a bottle in China

B.C. wine makers are toasting a victory with some of their products now selling in the far East at outrageous prices.

High quality, a growing reputation, and good marketing are all paying off big time for Okanagan growers.

Not only did Painted Rock Estate Wineries 2009 Red Icon which sells for $55 win the a Lieutenant Governor’s award a year and a half ago, it’s highly prized in cities like Shanghai — something John Skinner discovered on a trip to China a few years ago.

“When I saw in wine store for $500, I said how can you charge so much and they said if we charge less they won’t think it is any good,” says Skinner.

Some Shanghai wine menus, sell Painted Rock’s cabernet sauvignon for the equivalent of $600¬†and a bottle of red icon for $950.

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Painted Rock isn’t the only B.C. wine fetching exorbitant prices, but Shanghai in particular seems to be willing to pay top dollar.

“It is my lot in life to go beyond out borders to show the world, because we can’t expect that they are going to come here and taste it.”

Skinner says he does not mind watching sellers overseas getting rich by charging a huge markup on his product and wants them to buy even more B.C. wine.

Watch: Painted Rock Estate Winery Proprietor John Skinner talks about his wine’s success

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