Live blog: Share your vision boards

Watch: Mama vision boards

MONTREAL – When parenting and lifestyle contributor Erica Diamond came to the Global Montreal Morning News on Wednesday, January 8, she had a confession.

She is – and has been for a long time – a huge fan of vision boards.

She talked to Camille Ross about how her vision board helps her reach goals and find greater happiness – something many are striving for in the new year.

“What’s wonderful about a vision board is it’s everything you want for yourself in the upcoming year in front of you in a visual spot,” she said.

“It’s all your hopes and dreams and goals in words and images personalized for you.”

Erica’s steps to making a vision board:

1. Buy a bristol board or poster board, a box of markers and a glue stick.

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2. Collect pictures from magazines or the internet that symbolize your goals and dreams. Don’t be shy to put pictures of yourself. This is your board – you should be present in it.

3. Write one sentence somewhere on the board that represents the overall, big picture goal. Think “What do I want?”

4. Glue your pictures to the board. Feel free to organize the board in themes, for example: health, romance, career, money, family, etc.

5. Place your vision board. This is key to your success. It has to be visible since it is important to keep the area around your vision board clean and clutter-free.

Need inspiration?

Check out out vision board inspiration board on Pinterest.

Travis Todd, Global News‘ promotions producer, was so inspired by Erica’s segment that he came up with his own unique version of a vision board.

“Thursday I decided to wear my favourite t-shirt that shows Snoopy sitting on this red doghouse, aviator goggles on, going after the Red Baron,” he said.

“It made me feel like I was ready to take on the day have fun at the same time.”

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Travis Todd in his Snoopy t-shirt on January 9, 2013. Rachel Lau/Global News

Travis soon had the chance to put this vision into action.

“The metro line wasn’t working when I got to my station,” he said.

“But instead of standing there waiting with the other frustrated commuters, I decided to find a new route to work.”

He discovered an express bus that dropped him off in front of the park beside his office.

“I crossed Dominion Square Park and literally stumbled upon a secret ice rink. I started sliding around on the ice and felt like a kid. I was actually living my vision for the day!”

Watch his vision board video here.

“Visualization is just as important as action,” said Erica.

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“You made your board, now you have to live it. I even have a little action plan section on mine with a few steps on how I plan to implement my goals.”

We’d like to hear from you. Do you have an idea for a vision board? Are you curious to get started?

Email or tweet us your videos and pictures of your vision project using the hashtag #amMTLvision.

Whatever stage you’re at, let us know how it’s working for you.

We’ll share it here and you can help inspire others.