Tips on picking out the right helmet

CALGARY- Hitting the hill is a popular winter pastime in Alberta, and many riders are making sure to protect themselves on the slopes.

While helmets are not mandatory, they’re extremely important and can save lives in the event of a crash. However, there is lots of confusion about how to choose the right one.

“Getting a helmet that fits right is really the big one,” says Travis De Groot from Winsport’s Impact Lab. “You can spend a thousand dollars on a helmet, but if it doesn’t fit right, it’s not going to do its job.”

He says consumers should always buy a helmet that’s CEN or ASTM certified, which means it’s been tested to protect against severe brain injury or death.

No alpine helmets are certified to protect against concussions, as they would be bulky and expensive.

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“The costs of the helmets would probably be prohibitive to all of us purchasing them,” explains Darrell Harrick, coordinator at Parachute Canada.

The importance of wearing a helmet was made clear over the Christmas holidays, following two serious crashes at ski resorts. Both victims were wearing helmets.

“The helmets probably prevented [them]  from dying so they did their jobs there, they just can’t prevent everything,” Harrick adds.

More tips for buying a helmet:

  • Don’t ever buy a used helmet
  • Replace your helmet if you hit your head while wearing it
  • Get help to ensure the correct fit

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