Duo behind Beck’s Broth saluted with health food award

Beckie Prime (left) of Waterloo and Domenique Mastronardi, a University of Guelph grad, are the duo behind Beck's Broth. They were recently honoured at the Canadian Health Foods Association West Expo. Kat Alanna

Two local entrepreneurs are making a name for themselves in the food industry.

Beck’s Broth is a bone broth-based drink in powder form, and it recently won at the Canadian Health Foods Association West Expo in April.

Beckie Prime and Domenique Mastronardi are the brains behind the beverage, which is already in stores across Canada.

Prime, the CEO, said she first came up with the idea after working to improve her client’s gut health.

“I was always recommending bone broth. My clients were having a hard time introducing bone broth into their everyday routine. It just wasn’t easy or intuitive for them,” Prime said.

Prime said her clients were looking for a beverage that might taste more familiar or like something they might want to drink regularly. So Prime made a bone broth in a hot chocolate, a way she said could add nourishment to their diet, while still tasting delicious.

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The beverage is different than your average form of protein powder because bone broth is a whole food and Prime said you’re getting all of the vitamins, minerals and collagens and it’s easier for your body to digest.

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In addition, she said it uses clean ingredients.

Prime is a holistic nutritionist based out of Waterloo and she went to back to school to study during the COVID-19 pandemic. She also brought on Mastronardi, a former student at the University of Guelph, as chief operating officer.

Mastronardi said it was a no brainer to partner with Prime.

“It’s felt cool to bring a different side to the operation, which has been more of looking at the numbers, putting the pieces of the puzzle together from the back end in the background,” Mastronardi said.

The pair were recently the recipients of the One to Watch award, which Prime said she didn’t think they were going to win. She said it was such an honour to be nominated.

Mastronardi said they’ve already hired two employees. The beverages come in two flavors, coffee and hot chocolate, and are currently sold in about 100 stores across Canada, including at Market Fresh in Guelph.

Purchases can also be made on the company’s website.

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Prime said the reaction from retailers has been positive and it makes her more confident in herself as an entrepreneur.

She said their brand is about storytelling and authenticity.

“When people think of starting a business and growing a business, they think it can be so hard and daunting and that you have to stand by these rigid rules all the time. But our team has fun every single day and we’re breaking that society norm,” she said.

Prime said they recently announced that they’ve finalized the recipe and artwork for a third flavor, which will be released in July.

She also said they currently sell the product in individual serving sizes but want to provide a bulk offering by the end of 2024.

“We’re continuously trying to innovate and make our products better, so those next two things are on the horizon for us,” she said.

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