Can Man Dan surpasses fundraising goal for Edmonton’s Food Bank

Can Man Dan camped out at Southbrook Sobeys to put an end to hunger. Global News

EDMONTON – After spending 60 somewhat bone-chilling hours in the back of a semi truck, a local man has surpassed his fundraising goal for Edmonton’s Food Bank.

Dan Johnstone, AKA Can Man Dan, wrapped up his 60-hour Campout to End Hunger campaign on Christmas Eve. It was the second time he held his 60-hour campout this season, due to not reaching his fundraising goal the first time around.

During the first 60-hour campout a few weeks ago, temperatures dipped to the -40°C mark and Johnstone fell shy of his goal of collecting $9,000 and 16,000 pounds of food. So earlier this week, he set out to fulfill his goal. But not only did Johnstone reach his goal, he surpassed it by raising a total of $11,989 and 18,530 pounds of food.

“I couldn’t do this alone” Johnstone said in a media release, “These numbers are a byproduct of community unity. Raising these types of numbers in such a short amount of time requires help from people, businesses, the media, everyone. I couldn’t do it alone. I am so thankful that we live in a city such as this, filled with such caring, generous people.”

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“As an all year round organization, it is wonderful to have the support of so many great people including Dan,” Tamisan Bencz-Knight, Manager of Strategic Relationships and Partnerships of Edmonton’s Food Bank said. “When the lights go down after the holidays, our doors remain open to support our community.”

Johnstone, whose family used the Food Bank when he was growing up, has been collecting food and monetary donations for Edmonton’s Food Bank since 2011.