Nesting Canada geese stand on guard outside Quebec courthouse

Click to play video: 'Nesting Canada geese stand on guard outside Quebec courthouse'
Nesting Canada geese stand on guard outside Quebec courthouse
WATCH: A pair of nesting Canada geese have shown up for a court date in Laval. And as Global's Brayden Jagger Haines reports, the birds aren't shying away from their newfound notoriety. – Apr 18, 2024

A couple of Canada geese in Laval are settling out of court quite literally.

Over the past week the feathered couple has established a nest right outside the steps of the Laval courthouse.

Three precious eggs have been laid in a municipal planter less than a metre from the main entrance.

The two geese have been affectionately named Lola and Sonny by municipal worker, Peter Claes.

“Why not give them names? When I met them they wouldn’t let me through the door,” Claes said.

“I see them twice a day, It makes me happy. ”

While known to be territorial during nesting it seems ‘Momma Goose’ has gotten used to the busy foot traffic and local stardom.

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Click to play video: 'Wild goose chase in Montreal park?'
Wild goose chase in Montreal park?

However the new father to be is always close by, remaining vigilant. Nesting season for the water foul is between late March and early April. The gestation period for Canada geese, on average is about 28 to 30 days.

Despite the less than ideal location, courthouse officials said they have no intention of relocating or interfering with the birds nest during that time.

A perimeter of red tape and cones cordon off the nest, restricting people from getting too close.

“The biggest concern here is people trying to feed them or get close to them or I know it sounds bizarre but it wouldn’t be that surprising if some people tried and steal a few eggs,” Nathalie Jreidini, director of education at the Ecomuseum Zoo, said.

Unlike song birds, geese are quick to abandon their nest with their young once born, Jreidini said.

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“With geese they can leave that nest as soon as they are two days old, and they will find the nearest water,” Jreidini said.

Luckily, Jreidini said, the nearby flooded quarry behind the courthouse could be an ideal location.


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