Giant Tiger customer data compromised in cyber ‘incident.’ What to know

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Staying protected online in wake of ‘supermassive’ data breach
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Giant Tiger Stores Ltd. says contact information for some of its customers was compromised in an “incident” linked to a third-party vendor it uses.

Spokesperson Alison Scarlett did not name the vendor but says the Ottawa-based discount retailer uses the company to manage its customer communications and engagement.

After learning about a security concern related to that vendor recently, Scarlett says Giant Tiger began contacting customers about the incident, urging them to exercise caution when opening emails and receiving phone calls.

Scarlett says no payment information or passwords were part of the data compromised.

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LCBO warns customer info may have been leaked via 3rd party data breach

Giant Tiger store systems and applications were also unaffected.

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She adds there is no indication that the information has been misused but says the company is working hard to resolve the incident as quickly and openly as possible.

“We deeply regret that the incident occurred and remain committed to employing best practices to prevent these types of incidents,” she says in an email to The Canadian Press.

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