Driver threatened with snowbrush in fit of road rage: Kingston police

Kingston police say a driver threatened another driver with snowbrush and threw a coffee at them in a fit of road rage Monday. 980 CFPL

Kingston police say a driver threw a drink at another driver and threatened them with a snowbrush in a fit of road rage Monday morning.

Police say the victim was driving on Centennial Drive near Kingsdale Avenue when they were cut off by another vehicle, which then abruptly stopped, nearly causing a crash.

The victim honked their horn at the driver “to indicate their displeasure with the other driver’s actions,” police said in a release Tuesday.

Police say the other driver didn’t take the honking well.

They say the accused pulled up to the victim at a red light and both drivers rolled down their windows and “engaged in a conversation.”

“The victim indicated that the accused had nearly caused a collision and that his manner of driving was dangerous,” police said.

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“The accused retorted with vulgarities requesting that the victim pull over to the side of the road and that they would be assaulted.”

Police say the accused continued to follow the victim, eventually catching up and throwing what investigators are calling “a coffee like substance” through the victim’s open window, hitting them and the inside of their vehicle.

Both vehicles came to a stop after turning onto Bexley Gate, and police say the accused got out of their vehicle armed with snowbrush, telling the victim they were about to be assaulted.

The victim stayed in their vehicle and called police, who arrested the suspect driver nearby.

A 52-year-old individual from Gananoque is charged with two counts of assault with a weapon and uttering threats to cause bodily harm.

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