Excitement flowing at Streets Alive Mission following appeal win

Click to play video: 'Excitement flowing at Streets Alive Mission following appeal win'
Excitement flowing at Streets Alive Mission following appeal win
Streets Alive Mission has won its appeal to continue its work in the community. Late last week, a stop order was revoked so Streets Alive can carry on with its services. Micah Quintin reports on how that decision is being welcomed. – Jan 8, 2024

There was a wave of excitement at Streets Alive Mission on Monday morning following a big win on Friday.

Programs like Exodus, which is a substance abuse recovery program, weren’t affected by the appeal but will continue to help men who are struggling to get back on their feet.

“I’ve pretty much been an addict for 25 years of my life,” said Daneil Dickie, outreach coordinator & intensive case manager for Streets Alive Mission.

For Dickie, that meant losing his job, his family and even becoming homeless for close to two years.

He then joined the Exodus program at Streets Alive and is now working with the organization.

“It’s great for people like me to go out and explain what I went through in my addiction. Because really, I didn’t believe, for the longest time, that recovery is real. I thought it was just a way of life.”

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Click to play video: 'Lethbridge Recovery Community opens its doors'
Lethbridge Recovery Community opens its doors

Last November, Streets Alive Mission was issued a stop order to take effect in August of this year that would have limited its operations. It appealed.

On Friday, the appeal was granted and the stop order revoked, meaning Streets Alive Mission can continue to operate as it has for more than two decades.

“We feel vindicated that our stand was correct,” said Ken Kissick, co-founder of Streets Alive.

The City of Lethbridge sent Global News a statement saying, in part: “The city has received a copy of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board’s decision. We are currently reviewing the decision and evaluating all options. The City of Lethbridge is not involved in, nor can we speak to, the decisions made by the board.”

Streets Alive Mission has been zoned as a religious assembly under the City of Lethbridge’s land use bylaw since May 2000.
Click to play video: 'Streets Alive Mission to appeal stop order issued by City of Lethbridge'
Streets Alive Mission to appeal stop order issued by City of Lethbridge

Kissick added that the organization delivers many services to the less fortunate in Lethbridge.

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“We provide financial management for 120 people to help them manage their money. We provide a place for people to come in to get warm in this kind of weather. Foot Fridays are the kinds of things that we have to look after foot care.”

Streets Alive has purchased the Eldorado RV site on the north side, with plans to move to the new location within the next 12 to 18 months, but this win means services won’t be interrupted until the relocation.

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