Sask. Party introduces legislation to stop collecting federal carbon tax on natural gas

Click to play video: 'Saskatchewan ‘won’t predict’ how federal government will react to legislation blocking carbon tax collection, minister says'
Saskatchewan ‘won’t predict’ how federal government will react to legislation blocking carbon tax collection, minister says
Saskatchewan Culture Minister Dustin Duncan said on Thursday, "We've assured Sask Energy that it's on the us and not them in terms of any consequences this legislation may have from the federal government." – Nov 16, 2023

The Saskatchewan government has introduced legislation that it claims will enable it to stop collecting the federal carbon tax on natural gas bills.

On November 16, 2023, the Saskatchewan Minister Dustin Duncan, responsible for SaskEnergy, introduced the legislation called The SaskEnergy (Carbon Tax Fairness for Families) Amendment Act to protect and save Saskatchewan families approximately $400 in 2024, according to the province.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced on October 30, 2023, that SaskEnergy will stop collecting the carbon tax in response to the federal government’s decision to stop charging the carbon tax on home heating oil.

“Our government is taking the necessary steps to protect Saskatchewan families’ ability to afford to heat their homes this winter by removing the federal carbon tax from the natural gas bills of residential customers,” Duncan stated in a release. “This legislation will give our government, and me as Minister, the sole authority and responsibility for decisions regarding the collection and remittance of the federal carbon tax on SaskEnergy bills while also providing protection for SaskEnergy employees and board members.”

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“We still believe the federal government should remove the carbon tax on everything for everyone,” Duncan added. “But until that happens, our government will ensure fairness for Saskatchewan families by taking the carbon tax off their SaskEnergy bills.”



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