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OPENING: Saturday, November 19th, 2:00-4:00pm.  EXHIBITION: Saturday, November 19th through Saturday, December 31st.

Art Placement is pleased to present Robert Christie’s latest exhibition, SHUFFLE.  Christie is a prominent painter in Saskatoon who has made countless contributions to the arts in the city and beyond for more than 50 years.  Emerging as a painter in the late 1960s when modernist formalism prevailed locally and internationally, Christie remains grounded in the fundamental elements of the medium.  Like a deck of playing cards that can be shuffled into an incomprehensibly large number of unique combinations, the elements of painting offer Christie a similarly inexhaustible array of possibilities.

Robert Christie continues to “shuffle the deck” in his latest suite of geometric abstractions.  His signature aesthetic remains reduced and minimal with an elegant simplicity that masks an underlying complexity.  Christie is a painter who invests significant time and labour into his work.  It is not uncommon for some pictures to remain in progress for months or even years and for their final outcomes to be drastically different in colour and composition from where they began.  The layers of paint that accumulate in Christie’s paintings give a richness and character to the final surfaces, which are subtle but complex, rewarding those who look intently.  Christie’s rigorous, discerning approach searches in each painting for an outcome that both surprises and sustains; an arrangement of shapes, colours, and textures that not only grabs our attention, but also holds it.

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